Truxtun Court

4885 Truxtun Avenue

Truxtun Court is an upscale retail / office building located next door to the Paragon Salon Building on Truxtun Avenue. The 12,000 square foot building was completed May of 2006 and is home to the new offices of the Hocking Denton Palmquist accountancy firm and Moo Creamery restaurant. Building design was by David Milazzo, AIA. S.C. Anderson, Inc. was the general contractor for the development. Gregory D. Bynum and Associates, Inc. was the developer for the project and currently manages the property.

  • Name:Truxtun Court
  • ArchitectDavid Milazzo
  • BuilderS.C. Anderson
  • Completed:May 2006
  • Total Sq.Ft:12,000